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Post by McStormify on Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:23 pm

General Forum Rules and Guidelines

Topic Titles: When you post a topic, you must use words in the title related to your problem or question. If you use words such as HELP!!!! or PLEASE HELP - URGENT!!!!!, the topic will be automatically locked until you modify the title. When the title is suitable for the topic, a moderator will un-lock the topic for you.

Language: When you post on the forums, please try and use proper English. Try and avoid 'text talk' or 'SMS Talk', as this will make the people trying to help you be able to understand what you are trying to say.

Inappropriate Words: Please, always refrain from bad words on the forums, if you are caught, you will be given a verbal warning, after two verbal warnings, you will get an official warning. So do refrain from inappropriate words, please.

Colors and size of text: When posting in the forums, please refrain from using bold text and using capital letters (this means that you are shouting and will appear very rude) Also, please refrain from using colors in your posts. Colors are for moderation only, and if you post in color, a moderator will edit the post and remove the color.

Advertising your website/forum: Advertising your forum or website is NOT permitted here. The only times you are allowed to post a link to your website is in the support section, when someone is helping you out with something. Advertising is also not permitted, and if you receive any PMs or see any posts which aren't in the support section, please report them immediately.

Spamming: Please always, always refrain from spamming. If you spam, the topic will be locked and you will be given a verbal warning.


Please, never double post or 'bump' your topic. The key thing is to be patient. If you double post or bump your topic, you will be given a verbal warning and a moderator will delete the second post.

Racism and Insults: are not tolerated on our forums. Anyone caught will be given an official warning instantly. If you see any of these nasty posts, report them straight away please.

Respect Mods and Admins: Mods and Admins work voluntarily, they are not robots, they are human beings.

Posting your topic in the right section: We understand that sometimes this is hard, but please try your best to keep your topics in the right sections. If they are in the wrong section, a moderator will move them to the correct one.

Avatars and Signatures

Inappropriate Images: I think you know what we mean by that, so please avoid them. You will be given an official warning and they will be removed.

Advertising in avatars and signatures: This is NOT permitted. Please refrain from this, as you will be given an official warning and the image will be removed.

Notice: These rules may be updated at any time so please re-read them regularly.

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